Author-Poet: Dale L. Baker

Since 2005, Dale L. Baker's poetry and prose have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online.   Her poetry can be found in the 2008 anthology VoiceCatcher 2, online at and in past issues of Today's Caregiver Magazine and Writers' Journal.

Her non-fiction short stories dealing with family relationships have been published in Coastal Woman, Greenprints, True Confessions, New Hampshire Senior, Beacon Senior News of Houston and  Ft. Worth Senior Wire.  Her fictional pieces can be found in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and GlassFire E-zine/PegLeg Publishing LLC.

She was born in New Vienna, Ohio, grew up in Cleveland, completed high school in Santa Barbara, California and graduated from college in Portland, Oregon where she lived for over forty years.  Her government career included service on the city, county and state level in diverse areas from law enforcement and purchasing to claims adjusting and social services.

Maui mornings and desert sun fuel her creativity.  She lives her dreams in Arizona and Hawaii and would love to hear from lost friends from college student days in Mexico City.  Remember the Toluca Rocket?

Do you live in Westbrook Village?  Ms. Dale has a caregiver support group for you.