If the lyrical prose in More Than I Could Ever Know:  How I Survived Caregiving ​left you wanting more, you will love Dale L. Baker's poetry. ​Jarring a Tiny Bird is the poetic sequel to ​Ms. Baker's award-winning memoir. ​The poems in Jarring a Tiny Bird chronicle life's pleasures and traumas from a mature woman's point of view.  The language is visual,often coquettish and playful, but always powerful, dealing with love, loss, healing, personal mortality and the sheer joy of writing.

Jarring a Tiny Bird opens with a dedication to one strong woman in Ms. Baker's life, her grandmother and ends with a poetic tribute to another, the teacher instrumental in Ms. Baker's development as a writer. The hummingbird theme alluded to in the title strings together emotional highs and lows of caregiving and widowhood and comes to a surprising yet touching finish in a tongue-in-cheek memorial poem. 

Ms. Baker is a threetime caregiver and has  facilitated a caregiver support group in her home.  She retired in 2003 from county social services to care for her husband Richard full-time.   While still grieving his death from cancer in 2008, she assumed end-of-life care for her parents who passed away in 2010 and 2011 from Alzheimer's and heart disease, respectively .  Her first book is both a motivational how-to manual for those who struggle in their long-term caregiving role and a beautifully written memoir. 

More Than I Could Ever Know:  How I Survived Caregiving  has been honored twice as an outstanding book since its publication in March of 2014.  Ms. Baker's story was a bronze medal winner in the 2014 Living Now Book Awards that inspire better Living and Family Togetherness.  This  literary competition recognizes the excellence of newly published books in lifestyle categories from cooking and fitness to parenting and spirituality.  "These books can help people sort out the difficult issues in our fast-changing world," said Awards Director Jim Barnes.  ". . . good books are necessary to inform ourselves and our loved ones so we can grow as individuals and as families."

In the 11th Annual USA Best Book Awards  More Than I Could Ever Know:  How I Survived Caregiving placed as a Finalist in its category. USABookNews.com the  premier  online magazine featuring mainstream  and  independent  publishing houses announced over 400 winners and finalists in over 100 categories.  Ms. Dale's book was selected in the "Health:  Death & Dying" category.

Caregiving is a fast-growing family issue that spans years, sometimes decades.  If you are of a certain age you know that one day you will meet caregiving face-to-face.  Whether you are the one in bed or the one bringing juice and pills, honest communication on the deepest level will get you through the roughest days.  And that's a skill that enriches any relationship. ​More Than I Could Ever Know:  How I Survived Caregiving ​ will recharge your own love story ​or make you wish you had one like it.

An Award-Winning Caregiver Book and a Poetic Sequel

Your lover and best friend is dying.

You will be taking care of him until the end.

You dread the day, fast approaching,

when illness will reduce him to

a little boy

and then

a baby. 

How do you cope?